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How to Conduct a Self-Storage Feasibility Study

How to Conduct a Self-Storage Feasibility Study

This four-part video course will give self-storage investors and developers the tools to perform their own desktop feasibility study. Learn to conduct research, make assessments, manage assumptions and more.

Creator: Charlie Kao, Principal, Twin Oaks Capital
Format: Streaming video
Duration: 59 minutes

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How to Conduct a Self-Storage Feasibility Study

Determining whether a piece of land is suitable for a potential self-storage project shouldn’t be a guessing game. Rather, pursuing an acquisition or new build should be done with sharp insight gained from a thorough feasibility study. Doing otherwise can be financially disastrous.

This video course by Charlie Kao, a founding partner with Twin Oaks Capital, is designed to help investors and developers determine project strength. Presented in four sections, it will teach you to conduct your own desktop feasibility report, sharing the tools to conduct research and make market assessments. It’ll also provide commentary to lenders and potential investment partners on assumptions such as square feet per capita, market demand and other economic factors that impact viability but may not be addressed in available census data.

Topics include:

Section 1

  • Market-study scope
  • Industry outlook and market considerations
  • Site review (aerial and map view)
  • Site evaluation

Section 2

  • Market review
  • Demographics
  • Neighborhood
  • Competitors by location
  • Competitor profiles
  • Potential new development
  • Demand analysis

Section 3

  • Lease-up period
  • Competitor rate matrix
  • Unit-mix recommendation and revenue

Section 4

  • 12-month stabilized income statement
  • Executive summary
  • Consultant profile

About the Creator

Charlie Kao is a self-storage operator and industry expert in the areas of real estate brokerage, asset management, feasibility, consulting and construction management. His company, Twin Oaks Capital, is Grand Rapids, Michigan-based commercial real estate firm specializing in self-storage and multi-family assets. Its affiliates have owned, operated and planned more than 3 million square feet of storage across North America, with a specialization in Northern climates and difficult terrains.

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