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Self Storage Employee Handbook

Self Storage Employee Handbook

This handbook is a compilation of policies, procedures, conditions and expectations to guide employee/employer actions in the operation of a self-storage facility—a code of conduct and information source.

Author: Bob Copper, Owner, Self Storage 101
Format: Softcover (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 123 Pages

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Self Storage Employee Handbook
This employee handbook is a compilation of policies, procedures, working conditions and expectations established to guide staff and employer actions in the operation of a self-storage facility. It's a code of conduct that sets guidelines around appropriate behavior for working as part of the business. It also includes an at-will employee statement as well as information about employee compensation and benefits, and additional terms and conditions of employment.

Topics include:

  • Employee benefits
  • Company expectations
  • Personnel administration
  • Employment policies
  • Harassment policy
  • Job descriptions
  • Security checks
  • Standards of conduct
  • Acceptable activities
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Compensation and performance
  • Wage and salary policies
  • Insurance coverage
  • Much more

Note: While this comprehensive handbook addresses most aspects of the employee/employer relationship, there may be state-specific or other local issues that will affect your particular self-storage operation. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with any employment-related statutes relevant to their location.

Bob Copper is the partner in charge of industry consulting firm Self Storage 101 and founder of Copper Storage Management, a third-party management company that specializes in automated self-storage operation. As a prominent consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Bob has worked extensively with hundreds of self-storage owners, operators and managers to develop strategies for operational improvement, revenue growth and value enhancement. As a self-storage owner himself, he has a unique perspective that relates to working with other operators. Bob and his team have conducted countless facility audits and operational reviews, market studies, and due-diligence projects. They are sought out for their unbiased opinions and many successful and productive years of experience. Bob's books, training webinars and live sessions are among the most popular in the business.

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