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Self-Storage Key of Knowledge: The Complete Facility-Operation Kit [USB Drive]

Self-Storage Key of Knowledge: The Complete Facility-Operation Kit [USB Drive]

This USB drive contains a comprehensive set of written and recorded training materials on self-storage auditing, collections, customer service, marketing, facility operation, revenue management and sales.

READ FIRST! There are three USB drive products available in the “Self-Storage Keys of Knowledge” series. SOME CONTENT IS DUPLICATED between the three offerings. To see a detailed breakout of key contents and choose the best fit for your individual needs, please view this side-by-side comparison chart.

Creator: Bob Copper, Owner, Self Storage 101
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Self-Storage Key of Knowledge: The Complete Facility-Operation Kit
Running an effective and efficient self-storage operation has many complexities, from training staff to facility auditing, sales, customer service and revenue management. This USB drive contains a comprehensive set of written and recorded training materials designed to help operators increase the production and profitability of their storage facilities. The handy USB drive contains:


  • “Conducting an Effective Facility Audit and Operational Review” presentation and video
  • Site audit checklist/worksheet


  • “Collections 101: Using Effective Collections Techniques to Increase Revenue and Profits” video
  • “Effective Collection Techniques Without Sacrificing Customer Service” presentation slides
  • “Self Storage Auctions” presentation slides

Customer Service

  • “Customer Service 101: Using Common Sense to Provide Superior Customer Service” presentation and video
  • “Handling Difficult Customers” tip sheet


  • “Cost Effective Marketing” presentation slides
  • “Marketing 101: Turning Smart Marketing into Higher Profits” presentation slides

Facility Operation and Ownership

  • Customizable “Self Storage Facility Operations Manual” book
  • Customizable “Self Storage Employee Handbook” book
  • “Managing a Self Storage Facility” book
  • “Complete Self Storage Handbook” book
  • Owner-operator leadership workshop presentation slides and workbook
  • “Effectively Owning and Operating a Self Storage Facility” presentation slides
  • “Managing a Self Storage Facility Effectively and Professionally” presentation slides
  • “Self Storage Due Diligence, Ownership & Development” presentation slides
  • Article on effective time-management training

Revenue Management

  • “Revenue Management 101: Using Effective Techniques to Increase Revenues and Asset Value” book
  • Presentations on increasing profits and ancillary income


  • “Sales 101: Turn More Prospects Into Tenants” presentation and training video
  • “Price Stalls” tip sheet
  • “NOT Renting Space Is an Expensive Proposition” article
  • “Using the ‘Yes or Yes’ Sales Technique” presentation slides

About the Creator
Bob Copper is owner and partner in charge of Self Storage 101, an industry consulting firm specializing in operational improvement, training, audits, feasibility and market studies, and due diligence. He's also founder of Copper Storage Management, a third-party management company that specializes in automated self-storage operation. As a prominent consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Bob has worked with hundreds of self-storage owners, operators and managers to develop strategies for operational improvement, revenue growth and value enhancement. As a self-storage owner himself, he also has a unique perspective that relates to working with other operators.

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