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Self-Storage Maintenance Package 2023: Monthly Task Calendars and Guide

Self-Storage Maintenance Package 2023: Monthly Task Calendars and Guide

Designed for self-storage operators, this package includes detailed, customizable monthly calendars outlining tasks by day, week and season. It also includes a 109-page digital book full of expert advice.

Platform: Downloadable zip file folder
File Formats: PDF, Microsoft Word

Self-Storage Maintenance Package 2023: Monthly Task Calendars and Guide
Regular maintenance plays a key role in protecting self-storage property value and ensuring the facility’s appeal to current and prospective renters. The condition of your site may also affect safety and business liability. This package is designed to help facility managers stay on top of the many maintenance tasks that must be performed throughout the year. It includes:

Monthly Maintenance Task Calendars

  • 12 individual task calendars for 2023 in PDF format
  • No-fuss, 12-month 2023 task calendar in PDF format for easy printing
  • Customizable monthly templates in Microsoft Word

Calendars are color-coded for weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal and annual tasks. Each page also features a list of daily maintenance tasks. Some pages include special callout reminders and tips for things like vacant-unit inspection and door cleaning. The customizable Word templates allow you to alter the calendars to your maintenance schedule and needs.

Self-Storage Maintenance Guide

Expanded for 2023! This 109-page PDF book includes articles on the following topics. New material addresses general site maintenance, preparing for summer and winter, signage, rental trucks, outsourcing and more.

  • Site evaluation
  • Curb appeal
  • Summer and winter maintenance
  • Roof care
  • Door cleaning and maintenance
  • Security-system upkeep
  • Signage preservation
  • HVAC care
  • Rental-truck maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Service outsourcing
  • More!

PLEASE NOTE: Though the 2023 guide contains several new articles, much of the material also appeared in the 2022 booklet.

The maintenance-calendar package contents will be delivered to your “My On-Demand Library” in a downloadable zip file folder.

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