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The Self Storage Owner Operator Executive Leadership Guide

The Self Storage Owner Operator Executive Leadership Guide

This guide contains high-level strategies for increasing the value of a storage asset, covering topics such as hiring, marketing, site "rentability," audits and operational reviews, revenue, expenses and more.

Author: Bob Copper, Owner, Self Storage 101
Format: Softcover (USPS Shipping Required)
Length: 228 Pages

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The Self Storage Owner Operator Executive Leadership Guide
This guide is the perfect companion for anyone responsible for the effective, efficient and profitable operation of a self-storage asset. It contains proven strategies for making great hiring decisions, investing in smart marketing and increasing the "rentability" of a self-storage facility. This book also guides the self-storage professional through the process of completing a facility audit and operational review, and discusses high-level strategies for increasing asset value. If you're a self-storage owner or operator, the Executive Leadership Guide is for you.

Topics include:


  • Typical self-storage managers
  • The 21st-century manager
  • Hiring couples as a management team
  • Hiring goals and the overall process
  • Training plans and resources
  • Creating an effective compensation program


  • Understanding the value of a rental
  • Effective marketing
  • Self-storage advertising
  • Creating materials
  • Referrals
  • Tracking results
  • Conversions

Operational Reviews/Audits

  • Common mistakes
  • Reasons to audit
  • What an audit should include
  • The process
  • Storage-unit management
  • The on-site residence
  • How employees steal

Asset Value

  • Setting goals
  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Increasing value
  • Increasing site "sell-ability"


  • Making informed marketing decisions
  • Understanding management-software reports
  • I hate making collections calls!
  • Handing difficult customers
  • A step-by-step comprehensive operational audit
  • Self-storage operation audit worksheet

Bob Copper is the partner in charge of industry consulting firm Self Storage 101 and founder of Copper Storage Management, a third-party management company that specializes in automated self-storage operation. As a prominent consultant, author, speaker and trainer, Bob has worked extensively with hundreds of self-storage owners, operators and managers to develop strategies for operational improvement, revenue growth and value enhancement. As a self-storage owner himself, he has a unique perspective that relates to working with other operators. Bob and his team have conducted countless facility audits and operational reviews, market studies, and due-diligence projects. They are sought out for their unbiased opinions and many successful and productive years of experience. Bob's books, training webinars and live sessions are among the most popular in the business.

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