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Video Pre-Order - Total Self-Storage Solutions 2022 Education Video Package

Video Pre-Order - Total Self-Storage Solutions 2022 Education Video Package

Get 42 seminars addressing the full spectrum of self-storage: development, construction, customer experience, investment, ownership, management, marketing, technology and more. Enjoy significant savings!

Format: Streaming video
Duration: Approximately 42 hours

PLEASE NOTE! This is a pre-order of a video being recorded at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, April 19-22. The final product will be uploaded into your ISS Store account by June 24, 2022. You will receive an email once your product is available. For questions about an order, contact Customer Support.

 Total Self-Storage Solutions 2022 Education Video Package

Streaming video is now available in discount packages! Now you can get all 42 sessions from the Building, Innovation, Investing, Management, Ownership and Protection education tracks at the 2022 Inside Self-Storage World Expo in one convenient bundle. This product offers significant savings off the individual video prices and features self-storage experts discussing important topics related to self-storage development, construction, customer experience, investment, ownership, management, marketing, technology, risk management and more. It includes:

 Self-Storage Building 2022 Education Video Package

  • Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Getting Municipal Buy-In for Your Self-Storage Project
  • Straight Talk About Self-Storage Construction: Materials, Timelines and Budgets
  • Divine Design for Self-Storage: How to Plan a First-Class Facility
  • Learning From Mistakes: Lessons That May Save Your Next Self-Storage Development
  • The Self-Storage Conversion Process and the Art of Adaptive Reuse
  • Making Market Waves and Money With Boat & RV Storage
  • Got You Covered: Insight to Help You Choose, Fix, Maintain or Replace Your Self-Storage Roof

 Self-Storage Innovation 2022 Education Video Package

  • Technology You Must Use in Self-Storage Today: What You Gain by Adopting and Lose by Skimping
  • Transitioning from Traditional to Automated Self-Storage … It’s Easier and Cheaper Than You Think!
  • The Ins and Outs of Self-Storage Access Gates: Design, Safety, Integrations and More
  • Way Beyond the Phone: Call-Center Innovation and What It Can Do for Your Self-Storage Business
  • Don’t Waste Your Virtual Real Estate! How to Optimize Your Self-Storage Website
  • Dominating in the Online Self-Storage Space: The Latest Digital-Marketing Strategies and Trends
  • The Culture of Virtual Convenience: Customer-Experience Innovation in Self-Storage

 Self-Storage Investing 2022 Education Video Package

  • Self-Storage Investing Panel: How to Shake ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and Pursue Your Industry Dream
  • Finessing Your Self-Storage Pro Forma: Honest Examples and How to Reach a Real-World ROI
  • Don’t Be Basic! Pushing the Limits of Self-Storage Financing With Creative Capital Options
  • From Mom-and-Pop Shop to Corporate Consolidation: Pros, Cons and Strategy for Self-Storage Owners
  • Fiscal Fundamentals: An Elemental Guide to Self-Storage Financing
  • Unlisted Bliss: How to Find and Make Money Through Off-Market Self-Storage Deals
  • Prospering in the Face of Inflation: Maximizing Your Self-Storage Asset When Everything Costs More

 Self-Storage Management 2022 Education Video Package

  • The 5 Levers Every Self-Storage Manager Must Pull to Maximize Facility Revenue
  • Changing the Psychology of Self-Storage Rentals: A Tiered-Value Approach to Unit Pricing
  • Better Leads and More of Them: Matching Your Self-Storage Marketing to the New Customer Journey
  • Hiring Services for Your Self-Storage Business: How to Vet and Choose Vendors and Negotiate Like a Pro
  • Zero Tolerance for Rent Loss: Ways to Prevent and Collect Self-Storage Debt
  • The Add-On Advantage: Current and Emerging Profit Centers to Boost Self-Storage Revenue
  • Management or Leadership? Discovering the Right Mix to Be a Self-Storage Superstar

Self-Storage Ownership 2022 Education Video Package

  • Soup Up Your Sales Team! A Self-Storage Owner’s Guide to Powerful Staff Performance
  • Building and Refining an Operations Budget: The Financial Plan You Need for Self-Storage Success
  • Optimizing Your Self-Storage Rental Rates for Higher NOI and Facility Value
  • Crack the Code: The Right Combination of Self-Storage Marketing Channels to Maximize Return
  • Wielding the Power of Tax Benefits to Improve Your Facility’s Form, Function and Energy Efficiency
  • Being a Hands-On Self-Storage Owner: Why It's Good to Stay Involved in the Day-to-Day Business
  • Reading Your Financial Story: Interpreting Self-Storage P&Ls and Other Financial Statements

Self-Storage Protection 2022 Education Video Package

  • Wild Weather Ahead! What Self-Storage Operators Need to Be Prepared
  • Self-Storage Facility Safety: Avoiding Personal Injury, Property Damage and Other Scary Stuff
  • Busting the Baddies: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Storage Crime Prevention
  • Using Tenant Insurance and Protection Plans to Shield Your Self-Storage Operation
  • Court Rules: Impactful Self-Storage Legal Cases and What They Mean for Your Business
  • Modernizing Your Self-Storage Lease Agreement for a Post-Pandemic World
  • Carefully Reclaim Your Space: Lien Legislation and Self-Storage Auctions

 For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the individual product pages.

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